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  1. Diabolical
  2. Duplicity
  3. Ebullient
  4. Mirth
  5. Cache
  1. a a hiding or storage place, especially of food or valuables; anything hidden in such a place
  2. b deception, dishonestly, double-dealing
  3. c frivolity, laughter
  4. d exhilarated, full or enthusiasm and high spirits
  5. e fiendish; wicked

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  1. to make a notch or a scratch
  2. complete and utter loss; damnation
  3. stubborn, holding firm
  4. ban, curse; something shunned or disliked
  5. a band around arm or leg to prevent free movement; anything restricting freedom

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  1. Magnanimousconspicuously bad


  2. Emulatepublic honor and respect


  3. Colleagueassociate or coworker of similar status


  4. Omnipotentconspicuous or prominent


  5. Cavortnot hidden; public


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