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  1. Nemesis
  2. Nurture
  3. Nepotism
  4. Inherent
  5. Pacifist
  1. a inborn; built-in
  2. b Bring up; feed; educate
  3. c One who is peaceful or opposed to the use of force
  4. d Deserved punishment or its source; anything or anyone that always seems certain to defeat to frustrate.
  5. e Favoritism shown to relatives, especially in job appointments

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  1. Of great importance or consequence
  2. inborn; natural
  3. Dark; not transparent
  4. ill-humored;sullen
  5. Disrepute; ill fame

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  1. PerfunctorySuperficial; cursory; not thorough; routine


  2. InalienableNot subject to being taken away; not transferable; fixed


  3. Pervasiveill-humored;sullen


  4. Lugubriousexcessively dismal;mournful


  5. Legacya gift made by a will


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