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  1. Fungicidal
  2. AIDS
  3. Red Color after reagent C
  4. Naked viruses
  5. Point Mutation
  1. a present of nitrate (NO3)
    negative result
  2. b < 200 T-cell/ uL
  3. c kills fungi
  4. d can survive outside the human body
    ex. Hepatitis A
    capsomeres-globular protein
    strong and resiliant
  5. e wrong nucleotide
    changes codyme--> 1 amino acid protein shape is changed

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  1. cannot survive outside the body
    ex. Hepatitis B
    phospholipid bilayer-cell membrane
    loses mode of attachment when disinfectants are used
    sensitive to environment
  2. light (H2O2)
    time (exposure)
  3. indicates no nitrate (NO2) present
    add zinc powder
  4. new virions released
  5. 1 in 10,000 transcriptions
    transcription should be flawless

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  1. Catalase procedureplace H202 on a colony


  2. E. colionly exists in vegetative


  3. Bacillus subtilis, spore formerplace H202 on a colony


  4. Thermoduric life formscan survive in heat, mesophile, moderate temperature


  5. Chalmydia/rickettsiasintercellular bacteria, acts as a virus


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