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  1. Unix
  2. Serial ports
  3. Language translators
  4. Operating systems
  5. Network operating system
  1. a Computer ports that can transmit data one bit at a time; often used by a modem or a mouse.
  2. b Systems software that provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware.
  3. c Operating system developed by AT&T. It is considered portable, meaning it can run on just about any hardware platform.
  4. d Systems software that convents code written in a programming language into machine language that the computer can understand.
  5. e An operating system that runs on a network server.

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  1. Expert computer users who invade someone else's computer either for personal gain or simply for the satisfaction of being able to do it.
  2. An operating system with graphical symbols representing files, programs, and documents.
  3. A combination of hardware and software that creates a buffer between an internal network and the Internet to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. A battery power source that provides electric current during a power outage.
  5. The process of starting a computer.

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  1. AlgorithmA set of clearly defined, logical steps that solve a problem.


  2. Surge protectorsComputer ports that can transmit data one bit at a time; often used by a modem or a mouse.


  3. Software developmentComputer ports that can transmit data eight bits at a time; usually used by a printer.


  4. MS-DOSCommunications hardware device that facilitates the transmission of data


  5. Systems softwareA group of programs that coordinate and control the resources and operations of a computer system.


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