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  1. damage to which artery in the diencephalon will result in a stroke with symptoms like thalmic syndrome
  2. what is a simple way to locate the proper area to take a spinal tap
  3. what is the secondary vesicle of the midbrain and pons
  4. how is the grey and white matter organized in the midbrain, pons, cerebellum
  5. the area where the smallest branches of major cerebral arteries terminate is known as what
  1. a mixed
  2. b metencephalon
  3. c watershed area
  4. d thalamogeniculate artery
  5. e feel for the hip bones

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  1. arachnoid villi
  2. faster
  3. fasiculus gracillis
  4. autonomic
  5. ipsilateral

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  1. the thin nature of the cerebral aqueduct makes it vulnerable tosoma


  2. what is the speed of anterograde transport in cytoskeleton and neurotransmitter productiondorsal column system


  3. sympathetic postganglionic neurons may occasionaly but rarely use what neurotransmittersacetylcholine


  4. which part of the cns is responsible for maintaining consciousness, balance, hearing, tasteforamen of magendie


  5. what is the name of the other branches that supply blood to the spinal arteries with no direct connectionmiddle cerebral artery


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