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  1. Hugh Capet
  2. Nicaea
  3. Plebeians
  4. Masada
  5. Children's Crusade
  1. a Tried to recapture Jerusalem 1212 . Almost all were killed or enslaved.
  2. b In 74 A.D. 960 rebels held out on this mountaintop in a fortress.
  3. c what was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders
  4. d succeeded Louis the Sluggard, he was an undistinguished duke from the middle of France.
  5. e this is what the common farmers, artisans, and merchants who made up a majority were referred to as.

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  1. preached that Jesus Christ, not the pope, was the head of the Church.
  2. relating to a style of church architecture that developed in medieval Europe, featuring ribbed vaults, stained glass windows, flying buttresses, pointed arches and tall spires.
  3. the group that exercised great influence over both foreign and domestic policy
  4. the Roman governor that accused Jesus of defying Roman authority
  5. the General that when told to hand over his Army attacked Rome.

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  1. Cannaethe Latin word for Helmet


  2. Infidelthe river that Rome was built on.


  3. Pax Romanathe 207 years of peace in the Roman Empire were known as this.


  4. Reconquistathe device that allowed the Romans to board enemy ships


  5. Alhambra DecreeOrdered the Jews to leave Spain on pain of death in 1492


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