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  1. rotation
  2. trough
  3. blue shift
  4. acceleration
  5. specific heat
  1. a the spinning of an object on its axis
  2. b The amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for 1 gram of a substance to change its temperature by 1°C.
  3. c The rate at which velocity changes
  4. d Lowest point of a wave
  5. e An increase in the measured frequency of light from an approaching source.

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  1. having the earth as the center
  2. a galaxy shaped like a round or flattened ball, generally containing only old stars
  3. the brilliant explosion of a dying supergiant star
  4. Energy that is stored and held in readiness
  5. a graph that shows the relationship between the absolute magnitude and temperature of stars, a plot of the absolute magnitude of luminosity of stars versus their surfce temperatures or spectral classes

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  1. low mass starEarly form of a star; This stage lies between the collapsing of dust and gas and the beginning of nuclear fusion


  2. ozonea form of oxygen that has three oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of two. protects us from dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun


  3. convectionthe transfer of thermal energy by the circulation or movement of a liquid or gas


  4. fusionCreation of energy by joining the nuclei of two hydrogen atoms to form helium.


  5. black holea dense, collapsed core with a very strong gravitational pull that forms when a very massive star becomes a supernova


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