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  1. in apoptosis in the cns calcium release is known to inhibit which channels
  2. what are the 3 layers of the neural tube
  3. by comparing the amplitude of an evoked response to that of a mini you can estimate the number of vesicles released due to presynaptic action potential through what process
  4. which type of cell in the bbb regulates water permeabilty
  5. based on ohms law which size of cells has a larger epsp in response to the same synaptic input
  1. a quantal analysis
  2. b neuroepithelial
  3. c pericyte
  4. d Bcl-2
  5. e smaller

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  1. neuroblast
  2. ependyma
  3. layer 6
  4. cell body
  5. pail elrich

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  1. in the case of jaw winking which cranial nerve is not functioning correctlycranial nerve 7


  2. the following is a description of which type of effects (specific/nonspecific): changes in mood, pleasure, depression, disrupted sleep)specific


  3. in what body part of the goldfish is neurogensis commonapoptosis


  4. in the development process when is the bbb formedparkinson
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


  5. what is the principle that explains the adaptation of neurons firing in the brain " neurons that fire together wire together"fire action potential


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