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  1. Replete
  2. Remunerate
  3. Bilk
  4. Lineament
  5. Mitosis
  1. a To pay for goods provided
  2. b Distinguishing features and characteristics
  3. c abundantly supplied; abounding
  4. d Process by which the nucleus and duplicated chromosomes of a cell divide and are evenly distributed, forming two daughter nuclei
  5. e to cheat out of something valuable

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  1. To make something prettier by adding ornamental objects; to add fictitious details
  2. Attractive as a subject of photography
  3. To leave desolate or alone
  4. Egg or sperm sex cell that contains a single set of chromosomes, one from each homologous pair
  5. To accustom or withdraw

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  1. Cell plateDisk containing cell wall material that develops in plant cells during cytokinesis, eventually dividing the cell into two daughter cells


  2. Nullifyto make null; invalidate


  3. WitherDried up, shrunken, shriveled


  4. Telophase
    First stage of mitosis and meiosis I and II when the already replicated chromosomes condense up


  5. AssuageTo satisfy, to make less severe, to soothe


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