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  1. the na/k pump takes what ions out of the cell
  2. which cranial nerve functions in the motor for lateral rectus muscle of eye
  3. which folding of the meningeal dura mater contains superior/inferior sagital venous sinuses
  4. which of the following is not a branch of the internal carotid artery:
    -opthalmic artery
    -posterior communicating artery
    -anterior choroid artery
    -basilar artery
    -middle cerebral artery
    -anterior cerebral artery
  5. which type of membrane channels are always open
  1. a cranial nerve 6
  2. b 3 sodium
  3. c basilar artery
  4. d leaky channels
  5. e falx cerebri

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  1. enteric nervous system
  2. posterior
  3. special ion channels/pore proteins
  4. neuropores
  5. internal capsule

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  1. in terms of size how can you increase the conductance of an axonincrease the diameter


  2. what is the anatomical direction farther from the origindistal


  3. larger axons have more or less myelinhemiparesis


  4. which branch of the internal carotid artery supplies the eyeopthalmic artery


  5. what primary vesicle is the hindbrain and forms the secondary vesicles metecephalon/myelcephalonconus medullaris


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