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  1. Bad Apple Effect
  2. Heuristic/Systematic Model
  3. Lexical Decision Task
  4. Cooperation
  5. Stigmas
  1. a Characteristics of individuals that are considered socially unacceptable (overweight)
  2. b Situation in which people must wok together with others to help achieve their goals
  3. c Theory that posits two routes to persuasion, via either conscious or automatic processing
  4. d The idea that one social loafer can cause other people to loaf as well
  5. e Deciding as quickly as possible whether a string of letters is a real word or not

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  1. How much a source knows
  2. Captures peoples attention by making a novel request, Presents the message in an unusual fashion
  3. The beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accept as normal
  4. the tendency of group members to think alike
  5. The tendency for shared or jointly owned resources to be squandered and not used in an optimal or advantageous fashion

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  1. Risky ShiftWhether you accept the message


  2. Social Facilitation TheoryThe idea that blaming problems and misfortunes on outgroups contributes to negative attitudes toward these outgroups


  3. Discontinuity EffectIllusion, caused by very slight movements of the eye, that a stationary point in a dark room is moving


  4. Pluralistic IgnoranceDegree to which people expect an issue to have significant consequences for their own lives


  5. Outgroup Homogeneity BiasPeople who belong to a different group or category than we do. we assume that these members are more similar than ingroup members are to each other.


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