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  1. anachronism
  2. confute
  3. dastard
  4. Abdicate
  5. Inane
  1. a an error in chronology especially misplacing of persons, events, objects, or customs. N
  2. b empty and insubstantial, lacking meaning. ADJ
  3. c to refute convincingly V
  4. d to cast off or discard, esp. a duty renounce office. V
  5. e a mean, debase, sneaking coward. N

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  1. an angry or maniacal fit; rage; fury N
  2. an urgency or need, usually plural "the exigencies of war" N
  3. artillery fire, a vigorous or rapid outpouring of many things N
  4. grossly or obscenely abusive characterized by poor conduct
  5. impending, likely to occur at any moment ADJ

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  1. celerityswiftness, speed N


  2. cupidityeager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N


  3. invectiveinsulting or abusive lauguage ADJ


  4. perspicacitythe quality or state of being equal N


  5. wile(s)to proceed along a course or route V


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