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  1. Provity of contract
  2. Express warranty
  3. The Doctrine of Transferred Intent
  4. Tenancy by Entirety
  5. Emotional Distress
  1. a the result of action or inaction is transferred to the actual victim. A swings his fist at B (intending to strike B0 but B ducks and A hits C, C is the victim and the intent to strike B is transferred to C so C can recover damages.
  2. b the relationship exists between contracting parties
  3. c when the manufacturer contractually provides performance promises to the consumer
  4. d requires proof of some form of physical symptom that manifested itself from the emotional trauma
  5. e has the same characteristics as a JTWROS, but can only exist as between a husband and wife

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  1. whether an injury to users could have been prevented by designing the product differently
  2. a method by which one obtains the right to property by following specific rules under which a nonowner may be declared to be the lawful owner. This normally requires open possession of the property and restraining others from use of the property for a period of time required by state law and may require payment of property taxes; Easement by prescription
  3. when evidence shows that a reasonable person would conclude that the benefits of a product's particular design compared to a reasonable alternative design did not outweigh the dangers inherent in the original design
  4. laws, written or unwritten, that specify the duties that exist between and among people, as opposed to criminal matters
  5. an ownership interest in which each tenant (owner) has an undivided interest in property. More than one party owns the property in joint possession, but there are separate titles so that when an owner dies, her interest passes to her heirs

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  1. Superseding causereasonable ground to believe the existence of facts warranting the undertaking of certain actions, such as the arrest or search of a person


  2. Consenta voluntary agreement, implied or expressed, to submit to a proposition or act of another


  3. Slanderan oral defamation of one's reputation or good name


  4. Entrapmentthe amount, nature and quality of a person's interest in land or other property


  5. Doctrine of Fusionactus reus and mens rea are proven in evidence law then a conviction results.


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