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  1. What happened August 1942?
  2. What did the Kaiser mean in his message to Hitler in 1939?
  3. Why was June 14th the happiest day of Hitler's life? How is it related to what Germany experienced in WWI? (1940)
  4. What country was cut off the map of Europe by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939?
  5. What two other US territories did Japan capture in December in 1941?
  1. a American marines took the airfield on Guadalcanal which protected Australian supply line.
  2. b Sudentenland
  3. c WWII may be worse for Germany than WWI
  4. d The capture of Paris; (France surrendered to Germany in the same place in WWII as the place where Germany surrendered to France in WWI)
  5. e Guam and Wake Island

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  1. Let them cut off Axis supplies
  2. Mass execution of Polish nationals carried out by the Soviet Secret Police.
  3. Largest tank battle in history; Germany loses.
  4. Siege
  5. Submarines (US U-boats)

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  1. In 1941, What helped convince Japan to go to war with the US?Suicide.


  2. What happened in the Battle of Midway? (1941)Suicide.


  3. Which General landed his American and British troops in Africa in Operation Torch in 1942?Target Leningrad and Stalingrad to dishearten the communists.


  4. Why did the United States use the atomic bomb in 1945?Outnumbered and Trapped


  5. What country did Japan and the Soviet Union fight over in 1939? What lesson did Japan learn from this?Mongolia; Not to attack USSR; Army is better than Navy.


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