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  1. boorish
  2. concede
  3. depreciation
  4. spurn
  5. congenial
  1. a acknowledgement grant allow assent
  2. b turn down, reject, decline, snub, repudiate
  3. c friendly, sociable, amiable, compatible
  4. d cheapening lowering devaluation
  5. e vulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauche

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  1. filthy squalid base vile seedy sleazy
  2. recover retrieve
  3. preface overture prologue curtain-raiser
  4. upbraid, reprimand, rebuke, chastise
  5. ad-lib, play it by year, wing it, extemporize

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  1. debacledisaster, fiasco, calamity


  2. severquiver vibrate shiver quake palpitate


  3. blasphemyS: curse, profanity, sacrilege, imprecation


  4. reconcileflinch kickback


  5. skepticalfilthy squalid base vile seedy sleazy


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