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  1. Kirby-Bauer method
  2. Rifampin
  3. MCG
  4. Cytochrome C is present
  5. Nitrase Reduction Test Purpose
  1. a micrograms
    1x10 ^-6
    1 millionth of a gram
  2. b TB
  3. c to determine if an organism can reduce nitrate into nitrite using nitrate reductase
  4. d phenylenediamine becomes oxidized
    purple/blue color
  5. e uses the suceptibility test discs saturated with antimicrobial drug

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  1. amount/ per disk
  2. Why is ELISA so sensitive?
  3. variable for different types
  4. inactivates viruses
  5. minimal temperatures required to kill all microbes in a liquid in 10 minutes

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  1. HIV symptomsTB


  2. Thermophiliconly exists in vegetative


  3. Chalmydia/rickettsias< 50/ T-cell/ uL


  4. Antibodychemical that treats mucrobial infection, medication


  5. No color change after Reagent Cno nitrate (NO3) present
    nitrates were reduced to nitrites which were then reduced to other products
    positive result


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