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  1. softly bright, flickering
  2. cryptic
  3. replicate
  4. opulent
  5. one in a series of levels
  1. a echelon
  2. b secret, mysterious
  3. c to make copies of
  4. d lambent
  5. e rich, demonstrating great wealth, extravagant

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  1. juxtapose
  2. dexterous
  3. strong and firm, tough
  4. wanderlust
  5. the various articles for a certain activity

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  1. adj. frightening, dreadful, awe-inspiringformidable


  2. posha prosecution, or an organized massacre


  3. a missile, something thrownroster


  4. matter that sinks to the bottom of watersediment


  5. coronaa ring of light around the sun or moon


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