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  1. Loquacious
  2. Banter
  3. Anathema
  4. Rail (v.)
  5. Restive
  1. a showing impatience because of delays or restrictions
  2. b playful conversation
  3. c to scold with bitter or abusive language
  4. d ban, curse; something shunned or disliked
  5. e very talkative

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  1. marked by an ease in speaking that shows a lack of sincerity
  2. boisterous festivity
  3. to win or obtain by argument
  4. weak, insubstantial
  5. to move or act confusedly without clear purpose

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  1. Fallowuncultivated, unused


  2. Aviarylarge enclosure housing birds


  3. Extricatean outcast


  4. Meticulousoverly submissive, brownnosing


  5. Querya question


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