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  1. energy
  2. transpiration
  3. permeable
  4. pangea
  5. percolation
  1. a allows water to pass through
  2. b the ability to do work or to make changes
  3. c a hypothesis by Alfred Wegener, all the continents formed one land mass, or a "supercontinent"
  4. d movement and filtering of water through porous materials
  5. e the water given off through the leaves through water vapor (evaporation)

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  1. a sudden eruption of hydrogen gas on the surface of the sun, usually associated with sunspots and accompanied by a burst of ultraviolet radiation that is often followed by a magnetic disturbance
  2. when one form of energy is transformed into another form of energy
  3. measures air temperature; closed tube with alcohol or mercury; when air heats the liquid, it expands and moves up the tube, a scale shows the temperature
  4. a source of energy that converts hydrogen to electricity
  5. the process where molecules of a liquid change to a gas

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  1. shearingenergy received by the earth from the sun


  2. wella hole drilled or bored into the earth to obtain water


  3. thermalenergy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules


  4. gravitationalthe motion of a planet as it orbits the sun


  5. barenergy received by the earth from the sun


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