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  1. Plato
  2. Future Perfect Indicative Passive
  3. Amendment 5
  4. Who were the Allies? Who were the Axis?
  5. What was the Northwest Ordinance and what did it prohibit?
  1. a Trial by jury guaranteed; private property respected; no self-incrimination
  2. b World of ideas, myth of the cave.
  3. c Allies - Britain, Soviet Union, U.S., Axis - Italy, Germany, Japan.
  4. d A document that set rules for creating new states. It prohibited slavery.
  5. e amātus erō, amāta erō, amātum erō
    (eris, erit)

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  1. appropinquō,
    (appropinquāre, appropinquī, appropinquātus, with ad or dative case)
  2. amātus eram, amāta eram, amātum eram
    (erās, erat)
  3. cognōscō,
    (cognōscere, cognōvī, cognitus, 3rd)
  4. -que
  5. Federalists - support the Constitution, Anti-Feds - oppose the Constitution.

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  1. Hegelnox, noctis


  2. Amendment 10Powers reserved to states and people


  3. What were 2 benefits of the Spanish/American War?An amendment, originally the Civil Rights Act (1866), that made all blacks U.S. citizens.


  4. HumeTruth is subjective; history is progressive.


  5. Amendment 3Quartering of Troops


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