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  1. How many district courts
  2. how many electoral votes does california have
  3. How many counties in California
  4. Gideon v Wainright
  5. Two basic components of a democracy
  1. a 94
  2. b 55
  3. c Majority rule, Minority rights
  4. d 58
  5. e right to a public defender

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  1. better suited for large and diverse populations, states can serve as laboratories of democracy
  2. Federal law is the supreme law of the land
  3. desegregation
  4. 27
  5. Attorney General

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  1. 4th AmendmentUnlawful searches and seizures


  2. categorial grantspecific grant like squad cars


  3. right of the ideological spectrumconservatism-->reactionaryism-->fascism


  4. 3 types of third parties and examplesissue oriented-green party, ideological- socialist, personality- ross perot


  5. how many electoral votes in the entire college55


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