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  1. what is the term for similiar neurons destined to function together form a group
  2. which type of degeneration of peripheral nerves damage of axons, myelin, and connective tissues;
    regeneration unlikely
  3. what is the reason for decay at the input site to the cell body of the dendrite
  4. in the cns what is responsible for clearing the derbis
  5. a gliablast in the marginal level can possible become what
  1. a microglia
  2. b aggregation
  3. c leaky membrane
  4. d oligodendrocyte
  5. e neurotmesis

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  1. mannitol
  2. pineal gland
  3. adsorptive mediated transcytosis
  4. efflux transport
  5. anterograde

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  1. presynaptic modulation by GPCR on which type of channel will slow the falling phase of the action potential widening the action potentialcaspase 3


  2. which layer of the neural tube is mitotically active and produces neuroblast and gliablastneuroepithelial zone


  3. what is the distance that the depoalarization falls 37% of its original valueradial glial cells


  4. which cells of the bbb are known to lack pinocytotic vesiclesendothelial cells


  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb small lipophillic molecules like watermantle layer


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