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  1. gurdwara
  2. jehovah
  3. baptism
  4. ninety five theses
  5. mother teresa
  1. a a name for God in Jewish and Christian tradition
  2. b gateway of the Guru- a building for Sikh worship, always contaiing AdiGranth, the first volume of Sikh scriptures. believers remove shoes, bow before the Adi granth shrine and hear teachings. Vegetarian foods and rooms are provided for wayfarers.
  3. c to be dipped- chrisitan initiatory ritual and a sacrament. some see baptism as washing away the original sin inherited from Adam and Eve. others see an inititation into the church. Some baptize infants, others do not.
  4. d the lists of topics for debate about roman catholic docrtrine that martin muther nailed to the cathedral door in wittenberg, germany in 1517. beginning of protestant reformation
  5. e a roman catholic nun born in albania. drawn to serve the ill and dying in streets of calcutta, she formed the missionaries of charity, who take dying peopel off streets and nurse them back at home for dying desitutes. awarded nobel peace price in 1978

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  1. jews who migrated from spain in 1492
  2. roman catholic meetings in 1545-63 to reform the church and oppose new protestant teachings
  3. a method of studying religions that suspends judgements of true or false and seeks to describe the universal structures of religion for the practioners, as in myth and ritual. Usually combined with the history of relgions that describes the particular conxtexts of various belife systems
  4. ancient hebrew word for "place of sacrifice" or greek word for high place a surface for an offering to God, usually a table in a sanctuary. Frequently has candles, flowers, sacred book, and ritual implements
  5. to cease, anicnet jewish weekly day of rest and abstention to remeber God, extends from dusk friday to dusk saturday. family meal beings sabbath with lighting two candles , thanking god and sharing wine and bread

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  1. israelitesdescendants of Jacob. For a time after king david, it meant only the people of the northern kingdom. Later, by roman times, it meant all jews, today is also impleies citizens of the land of Israel


  2. whirling dervisha type of muslim sufi, the mevlevi order of mystics who dance in a circular whirl to achive an ecstatic trance and experience allah


  3. red seaa long ocean spearating arabia from africa. Pharaoh pursued the hebrews to the red sea where god separated waters like a wall on each side so they could pass on dry land. then waters rushed back drowing the egyptians. shows the power of god to overcome injustice.


  4. st john the divine cathederalepisocopal cathederal of NY state in NYC. gothic architecture located on morningside hieghts at 110th st and cathedral ave. betwen columbia uni and harlem


  5. disciplesthe group of twelve men who were the inner circle of Jesus's followers sent out with their wives to teach and heal.


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