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  1. diabetes insipidus DI
  2. adrenal glands two parts are named?
  3. hyper/glyc/emia is caused from?
  4. parathyroid glands target tissue?
  5. posterior lobe also known as
  1. a neurohypophysis
  2. b bone and kidney (vitamin D production)
  3. c adrenal cortex; adrenal medulla
  4. d frequent thirst and urination. "tasteless"
  5. e excessive sugar in the blood

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  1. autonomic nervous system
  2. islets of Langerhans
  3. preparation and maintenance of uterus in pregnancy
  4. HIGH glucocorticoids, Cushings syndrome, abnormal fat deposition,hyperglycemia
  5. LOWER blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "blood to cells"

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  1. pineal gland secretes?cerebral cortex


  2. autonomic nervous system abbreviation?ANS


  3. parathyroid gland is controlled by what stimulus?blood glucose levels(BG levels)


  4. parathyroid abbreviation?PTH


  5. adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH stimulatesadrenal cortex to produce cortisol, aldosterone, androgens


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