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  1. Watt
  2. S waves
  3. V-shaped valleys
  4. distance
  5. organic rocks
  1. a secondary, or transverse waves that vibrate side to side; and cannot travel through liquids
  2. b the SI unit of power
  3. c forms when a stream moves rapidly down a slope and erodes the rock and causes mass movement of the stream slopes
  4. d rocks formed as the result of organic processes
  5. e the length of the path between two points

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  1. the displayed data form straight-line parts
  2. an air mass composed of dry & hot air
  3. sedimentary rocks that form from the broken fragments of other rocks
  4. molten rock and gases that flow out of volcanoes above ground
  5. occurs when a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass

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  1. massthe amount of matter an object contains


  2. isothermstiffer rock that is the stronger lower part of the mantle


  3. faulta mixture of molten rock and gases which flows underground


  4. energythe ability to do work


  5. subductionthe spinning of Earth on its axis


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