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  1. red herring
  2. ravenous
  3. decomposition
  4. eradication
  5. convene
  1. a extremely hungry
  2. b to assemble formally; to come together officially
  3. c the act of tearing out by the roots, or of eliminating as if tearing out by the roots
  4. d the process of rotting, breaking down, or disintegration
  5. e something that draws attention away from the main issue

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  1. to criticize, argue, or rause objections over something unimportant; an unimportant complaint
  2. a bring or coming to an end; a halt
  3. everyday, rather than literary language; the native language or dialect of a country, place, or group; commonly spoken by a region or group
  4. widespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder
  5. to give approval or praise

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  1. incipientbeginning to exist or appear


  2. veracitythe study of meaning and word interpretation; the exact meaning of a word


  3. guilesly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive


  4. obstructionsomething newly introduced or created


  5. homagea beginner


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