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  1. Rotation
  2. Ideal Mechanical Advantage
  3. asthenosphere
  4. caldera
  5. tornado
  1. a a layer of softer, weaker rock that can flow slowly...directly beneath the lithosphere
  2. b a huge depression that forms after a volcanic eruption when the magma chamber & main vent collapse
  3. c a small, intense windstorm that takes the form of a rotating column of air that touches the ground
  4. d the spinning of Earth on its axis
  5. e the mechanical advantage in the absence of friction

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  1. where magma collects prior to an eruption
  2. precipitation in the form of ice pellets/balls that are a minimum of 5mm in diameter
  3. a small, steep-sided volcano that is a result of an eruption of ash and cinders
  4. an attractive force that acts between any two masses
  5. the study of planet Earth, including its composition and structure

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  1. freezing rainliquid precipitation that turns to ice AFTER it lands on a surface


  2. fractureis how the mineral breaks


  3. depositionthe process in which sediment is laid down in new locations


  4. gravitythe SI unit of power


  5. Air Pressurethe force exerted by the weight of a column of air on a surface


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