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  1. pituitary gland consistis of these parts
  2. pancreas is located where?
  3. endocrine tissue of the pancreas
  4. antidiuretic abbreviation
  5. contains three atoms of iodine
  1. a T3
  2. b islets of Langerhans
  3. c near and partly behind the stomach in the L1 and L2 region
  4. d anterior lobe and posterior lobe
  5. e ADH

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  1. constrict blood vessels to raise blood pressure
  2. fight or flight system
  3. thymosin
  4. androgens, estrogen
  5. post puberty enlargement of bones in hands, face, and feet

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  1. hyper/glyc/emia is caused from?not enough sugar in blood


  2. gonads (sex organs) are controlled by what stimulus?Autonomic nervous system


  3. posterior pituitary linked to nervous system through thisneurohypophysis


  4. pineal glandproduces melotonin CNS


  5. hyper/functioningmove calcium from bones into blood


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