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  1. appendicular skeleton
  2. dislocation
  3. Epilepsy
  4. gluteus maximus
  5. paraplegia
  1. a a disorder of the nervous system that is characterized by recurrent seizures, uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain.
  2. b when the ligaments that attach the bone at the joint are torn as the bone slips out of place
  3. c 126 bones of the upper and lower limbs, shoulders, and hips
  4. d butt muscle
  5. e an injury to the lower part of the spinal cord resulting in loss of use in legs

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  1. front of the upper leg muscles
  2. wrists and ankles
  3. the process by which bone is formed, renewed and repaired
  4. neurons in the brain are destroyed resulting in confusion, loss of memory and gradual mental deterioration.
  5. type of striated muscle that forms the wall of the heart

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  1. arthritisthe inflammation of a fluid-filled sac


  2. hinge jointshead and neck


  3. Parkinson's diseasethe destruction of nerve cells in an area of the brain that helps coordinate skeletal muscles movement. Results in muscle tremors.


  4. skeletal musclesact on the lining of passageways and internal organs


  5. central nervous systembrain and spinal cord


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