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  1. bathos
  2. empathy
  3. maudlin
  4. ephemeral
  5. deracinate
  1. a [Gk. "depth"] (n) grossly insincere or exaggerated sentimentality; trite material presented in an elevated tone; the lowest phase, nadir; an anticlimax, comedown
  2. b [Gk. en=in + pathos=emotion] (n) a sympathetic understanding of or identification with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of someone or something else
  3. c (adj) excessively or effusively sentimental; sappy; corny
  4. d [L. de=from + racine=rock] (vt) to pull up from the roots; to root out, uproot, or dislocate; to eliminate all traces of
  5. e [Gk. epi=upon + hemera= a day] (adj) transient, fleeting, evanescent, brief; lasting one day/very short time

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  1. [L. saturnalia: ancient Roman festival of Saturn the god of agriculture] (adj) characterized by wild, riotous, unrestrained partying, revelry, licentiousness
  2. [Fr. apprendre= to learn, teach] (vt) to give notice to; to tell; to inform of; to make someone aware
  3. [Gk. eleos= pity] (adj) charitable; dependent upon or supported by a charity; derived from or provided by charity
  4. [L. bibere=to drink] (adj) fond of drinking alcohol; absorbent
  5. [L.dicere=something said] (n) a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source; maxim; a short saying (i.e."might makes right")

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  1. aberration[L. ab=from + errare=to wander] (n) a departure from what is proper, right, expected, or normal; a lapse from a sound mental state


  2. proselyte(v) to change/vary in pitch/intesnity of


  3. discursive[L. dis=away + currere=to run] (adj.) 1. digressing from subject to subject; rambling. 2. (of speech or writing) fluid and expansive rather than formulaic or abbreviated. 3. related to discourse (any lengthy exploration of a topic in speech/writing)


  4. quid pro quo(n) "something for something"


  5. supine[L. urbs=city] (adj) sophisticated, polished, refined, and elegant in manner; marked by worldly knowledge arising from urban life and wide travel; cosmopolitan


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