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  1. sine + abl. (prep.)
  2. pro + abl. (prep.)
  3. gens, gentis f (3rd decl.)
  4. iter, itineris n. (3rd decl.)
  5. nuntio, nuntiāre, nuntiavi, nuntiatum (1st conj.)
  1. a journey, road, way (iter facere= make a journey, march)
  2. b report, announce
  3. c without
  4. d tribe, nation
  5. e in front of, on behalf of

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  1. from, out of
  2. body
  3. shore, coast, beach
  4. night
  5. from, away from, by

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  1. nomen, nominis n. (3rd decl.)river


  2. pectus, pectoris n. (3rd decl.)breast, chest, heart


  3. sedeo, sedēre, sedi, sessum (2nd conj.)sit


  4. caput, capitis n. (3rd decl.)head


  5. monstro, monstrāre, monstravi monstratum (1st conj.)report, announce


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