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  1. (n.) fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners
  2. carcinogen
  3. kowtow
  4. festoon
  5. adj. the original pattern or model
  1. a a substance that causes cancer
  2. b a decorative chain or strip hung in a curve between two points
  3. c archetype
  4. d to be overly polite, to bow down to someone
  5. e xenophobia

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  1. jettison
  2. pulchritude
  3. secret, mysterious
  4. echelon
  5. to fall or plunge straight downward

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  1. ruckus, furor, hubbub,inclement


  2. a person with unusual skill in any field, particularly in the artsvirtuoso


  3. adj. harsh sounding or confusedcacophonous


  4. obsequiousoutstandingly or notably bad


  5. asleep, inactivedormant


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