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  1. Nitrase Reduction Test Purpose
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. API 20E
  4. E. coli and S. marcescens
  5. Thermoduric
  1. a analytical profile index
    20 biochemical tests
    E- enterobacteriaceae
  2. b oxidizing, denatures proteins
  3. c 70 degrees C
  4. d can survive in heat, mesophile, moderate temperature
  5. e to determine if an organism can reduce nitrate into nitrite using nitrate reductase

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  1. only exists in vegetative
  2. NO3--->NO2--->other products (NH4, NO, N2, N2O)
    nitrate reductase positive
  3. O2
    bacterial colonies that produce catalase
    catalase positive
  4. only certain types
    ex. Penicillin
  5. tetracycline, erythromycin

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  1. Resistanceenzyme linked immunosorbent assay
    used to clinically detect the presence of serum IgG antibodies directed toward a foreign substance that has entered the body


  2. Thermophilicgram negative/positive, intercellular, mycoplasma
    inhibits protein synthesis--->death


  3. Viricidalkills fungi


  4. Bacillus subtilis, spore formerMost resistant to heat? Why?


  5. Penicilling G or Vbroad spectrum
    semi-synthetic penicillin derivitive


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