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  1. gabrial
  2. apocryphal
  3. doctrine
  4. literal sense proper
  5. private revelation
  1. a revealed teachings which are proclaimed by the fullest extent of the exersize of the church
  2. b revelations made in the course of history which do not add to or form part of the deposit of faith, but rather may help people live out their faith more fully. Some have been recognized by the authority of the Church.
  3. c one of the archangels used by god many times
  4. d term referring to books that were rejected frim th Bible
  5. e method of Scriptural interpretation in which the author intends precisely what he was inspired to write

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  1. the church's complete list of sacred books of the bible
  2. a name givin to two major parts of the bible
  3. concsecrated celibacy that enables people to give themselves to god alone with an undivided heart in a remarkable manner
  4. those Books in the Bible, esp in the Old Testament, whose inspired character has never been questioned (by any Church Father). can be misleading b/c it was not the Church Fathers, but the Magisterium under the Pope that was divinely authorized
  5. The visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary to tell her that she would be the Mother of God and give birth to the Savior

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  1. typological sensereading of the old testament which discerns in God's works of the old covenant prefigurations of what he accomplished in the fullness of time in the person of Jesus Christ


  2. consecratedA permanent state of life recognized by the Church


  3. prepetualfor all time, forever


  4. betrothedfrom the hebrew word meaning "vision" or "revelation interpreted"


  5. prophecyfrom the hebrew word meaning "vision" or "revelation interpreted"


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