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  1. zambezi river
  2. industrialization
  3. wole soyinka
  4. nigeria
  5. the sahel
  1. a has the largest populaton in africa on the western side
    oil is the major mineral resource and largest export
  2. b first african to win the nobel prize in literature
  3. c the river that flows over victoria falls
  4. d used for grasing animals
    has large land areas but small populations
    islam is the most practiced religion here
  5. e profits of the slave trade help make this possible in europe

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  1. afica's largest island country
  2. the country that started the anti-slavery movement
    the european country that colonized angola
    the first country to explore africa
  3. people who travel to another country to view its natural wonders
  4. was the first to sail around the tip of africa
  5. the year the slave trade was abolished

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  1. malawithe most densely populated country in africa


  2. democratic republic of the congozaire


  3. Afrikanersname of european south africans and their language


  4. drakensburgOne of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Located in Ghana.


  5. nile riverlargest river system in africa south of the sahara


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