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  1. Point of Reference
  2. Balanced Forces
  3. Work
  4. Gravity
  5. Unbalanced Forces
  1. a a force that pulls everything toward the center of the Earth
  2. b the relationship between the person and the moving object
  3. c When 1 object exerts more force on another object and movement occurs. Forces may be in the same direction or opposite directions, but there is movement. There is a Net Force.
  4. d When 2 objects exert an equal and opposite force on each other.There is no movement!
  5. e a force that moves an object; no work is done if an object doesn't move. Force X Distance = Work

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  1. a machine that consists of a few parts.
  2. work is done in a certain time. Work divided by time = power; measured in Watts
  3. will demonstrate in class
  4. the rate when velocity changes over time
  5. the flow of electrically charged particles, electrons, between objects.

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  1. Complex Machinea machine made of more than one simple machine


  2. Inertiathe force that keeps objects moving in a straight line; resists a change in motion


  3. Newton's 1st Law of Motionthe relationship between mass, acceleration & force. Force = Mass X Acceler.


  4. Machinea tool or device that makes work easier by changing the direction or the amount of force needed to move an object; DOES NOT make less work.


  5. Forcea push or pull that acts on an object


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