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  1. what is responsible for membrane potential changes during an action potential
  2. unlike axons what is found in dendrites
  3. what is the name of the outer surface of the cerebral telencephalon
  4. which component of cranial nerve 8 is off if there is loss of hearing or ringing
  5. calculated by the nernst equation what is the normal concentration of potassium
  1. a -80
  2. b cerebral cortex
  3. c cochlear
  4. d feedback cycles
  5. e ribosomes

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  1. posterior cerebral artery
  2. lateral
  3. medial thalamic nuclei
  4. epiblast
  5. neuropores

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  1. which watershed area is located between middle and posterior cerebral arteriescranial nerve 11


  2. what is the secondary vesicle of the midbrain and ponsmetencephalon


  3. the prescence of what prevents backflow of csf into subarachnoid spacehigher pressure


  4. which cranial nerve controls the carotid bodycranial nerve 8


  5. which lamina in the grey matter is designated for preganglionic sympathetic fiberslamina 7


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