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  1. in apoptosis in the cns release of cytochrome c will lead to the release of what
  2. what is the first layer of the cortex to be formed
  3. what is the programmed death of excess neurons
  4. which transport mechanism across the bbb is responsible for the movement of charged proteins
  5. which layer of the neural tube is also known as the ventricular zone
  1. a neuroepithelial zone
  2. b layer 6
  3. c adsorptive mediated transcytosis
  4. d apoptosis
  5. e caspases

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  1. filopodia
  2. target cells
  3. unidirectional
  4. netrin
  5. after capillary differentation

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  1. which layer of the connective tissue of the pns type III collagen +
    fibroblasts; function in regeneration


  2. which method involves the use of osmotic or chemical means to aid in the crossing of the bbbpassive diffusion
    transport mediated
    receptor mediated
    adsorptive mediated
    carrier mediated eflux


  3. what connects to form a circuitslit


  4. upon injury what do glial cells do that actually prevents regerneationscarring


  5. what is the term for a pathways refined via strenghtening/weaening of synapsesphagocytosied


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