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  1. peccadillo
  2. euphonious
  3. epitome
  4. raillery
  5. harbinger
  1. a [OF railler=to mock] (n) banter, good-natured ridicule, teasing
  2. b [Gk. eu=good + phone=sound] (adj) pleasing to the ear
  3. c (n) a sign that something is coming; a portent, herald (vt) to indicate the approach of
  4. d [Sp. pecado=sin + -illo=diminutive] (n) a minor sin or offense; a trifling fault or shortcoming
  5. e (n) a perfect example/representation of a particular quality, quintessence

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  1. [OE "to be bound in one's own skin"] (adj) narrow-minded and rigid, especially in opinions or prejudices; stubbornly and unthinkingly conservative
  2. (n) the belief that the attainment of pleasure is life's chief aim; devotion to or pursuit of pleasure
  3. (vt) to cancel, repeal, annul, make void
  4. [Gr. Pandarus, the pimp who procured Gressidafer from Troilus] (v prep) to cater to or provide satisfaction for the low tastes or vices of others (vt) in law, to sell or distribute by pandering (n) a person who panders; a pimp
  5. [Gk. eleos= pity] (adj) charitable; dependent upon or supported by a charity; derived from or provided by charity

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  1. caterwaul[Gr. kater=male alley cat + wrawen=to howl] (vi) to howl or screech like a cat; to quarrel (n) a harsh or noisy cry; a racket


  2. epitomize(vt) to be a perfect example


  3. obfuscate[L. fuscus=dark] (vt) to render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible; bewilder


  4. deracinate[L. "of the fact"] (adj) actually existing or in effect, although not legally required or sanctioned (adv) in reality, actually


  5. fait accompli(n) a perfect example/representation of a particular quality, quintessence


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