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  1. 5th Amendment
  2. categorial grant
  3. McCullough v Maryland
  4. Advantages of federalism
  5. ways to keep negros from voting
  1. a grandfather clause, poll tax, literacy tests
  2. b better suited for large and diverse populations, states can serve as laboratories of democracy
  3. c national government deny states right to tax federal bank
  4. d specific grant like squad cars
  5. e Double Jeopardy

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  1. abortion
  2. when you select someone for something they did for someone of high power
  3. Womens suffrage
  4. 55
  5. freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly and religion

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  1. Crosscutting requirementsUnitarian. Federation, Confederation


  2. ConfederationWeak central government strong members


  3. right of the ideological spectrumconservatism-->reactionaryism-->fascism


  4. Blue Dog democratmoderate democrat


  5. de factoby fact


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