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  1. pertaining to females, a stick made to hold up wool or flax for spinning
  2. intrepid
  3. a giant failure
  4. a person with unusual skill in any field, particularly in the arts
  5. arcane
  1. a distaff
  2. b secret, mysterious
  3. c fearlessness, bravery
  4. d fiasco
  5. e virtuoso

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  1. to ponder or think deeply
  2. having both male and female characteristics
  3. juxtapose
  4. to make copies of
  5. decanter

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  1. n. a mixture of elementsfiasco


  2. daydream, being lost in thoughtemaciated


  3. egregiousoutstandingly or notably bad


  4. embellishto decorate or make beautiful


  5. mellifluousSweet or musical, smoothly flowing


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