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  1. Spiritual
  2. Naturalism
  3. Refrain
  4. Slant/Near Rhyme
  5. Exaggeration
  1. a The writer enlarges or overstates beyond the bounds of truth.
  2. b A type of African-American folk song that fused traditional African music with other familiar materials, such as the Bible or Protestant hymns. Most have double meaning.
  3. c A word, phrase, line, or group of lines repeated at regular intervals in a poem or song-serve to emphasize key ideas and to establish rhythm.
  4. d An extreme form of realism. It tended to view people as victims who have no real control over natural forces. Very pessimistic.
  5. e Rhyming that often uses assonance or consonance only. Slant rhyme differs from a perfect rhyme in that nat all of itrs vowel or consonant sounds match those of the rhyming word.

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  1. rules for manners and ceremonies
  2. to abandon or desert
  3. Usually exaggerated incidents or events are described by a narrator or storyteller in a very serious tone. By taking a matter-of-fact, impassive, expressionless tone, the narrator implies that he/she has no idea how ridiculous his/her tale is to the audience.
  4. sufficient
  5. A technique that presents thoughts as if they were coming directly from a character's mind. Instead of being arranged in chronologiccal order, the events of the story are presented from the character's feelings and memories just as they might spontaneously occur in the mind of a real person.

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  1. Wretchedseperate


  2. Regional Dialect/VernacularSought to capture the essence of life in the various regions of the growing nations through the use of regional dialect and vivid descriptions of the landscape.


  3. Assentto agree


  4. Ardentto agree


  5. Catalogto be made holy


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