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  1. Haploid
  2. Lineament
  3. propagate
  4. Plagiarism
  5. Sexual reproduction
  1. a Distinguishing features and characteristics
  2. b Having a single set of chromosomes
  3. c act or instance of plagiarism, copying the exact words verbatim
  4. d Process in which genetic material from two parents combines and produces offspring that differ genetically from either parent
  5. e transmit or cause to broaden or spread

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  1. Disease caused by severed disruption of the mechanisms that normally control the cell cycle
  2. Sequence of events from the production of a eukaryotic cell to the time the cell itself reproduces
  3. a covered and usually enclosed area for housing and repairing aircraft
  4. The fusion of the nuclei and cytoplasm of a haploid sperm cell and a haploid egg cell, forming a diploid zygote
  5. an intricate structure of interconnecting passages

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  1. Abaseto humble or degrade


  2. Bilkto cheat out of something valuable


  3. Metaphase
    Second stage of mitosis and of meiosis I and II when the spindle is fully formed and all of the chromosomes are held in place


  4. Gameteabundantly supplied; abounding


  5. Nullifyto surge or roll in billows


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