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  1. McCullough v Maryland
  2. Gideon v Wainright
  3. Ratify a treaty
  4. 5 Components of Policy Cycle
  5. Federation
  1. a probelm identification, policy formulation, policy adoption, policy implementation, policy evaluation
  2. b right to a public defender
  3. c 2/3 senate
  4. d national government deny states right to tax federal bank
  5. e Balance of both

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  1. 15
  2. right to an attorney
  3. Womens suffrage
  4. Double Jeopardy
  5. 5%

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  1. How man articles in the constitution10 million


  2. Impeachmentsimple majority in the house 2/3 senate for removal and conviction


  3. 17th Amendmentvoters rights


  4. Traditional method to amending the U.S. Constitutionproposed by 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of state legislation


  5. Advantages of federalisminefficient redundancies, diverse resources among states can cause economic and educational inequalities


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