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  1. wave height
  2. plasma
  3. absolute magnitude
  4. refraction
  5. Irregular galaxy
  1. a high temperature physical state of matter in which atoms lose their electrons
  2. b bending of a ray of light
  3. c A galaxy that goes not have the a regular shape.
  4. d the vertical distance from the crest of a wave to the trough
  5. e Amount of light a star actually gives off

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  1. a star with low mass after being a protostar; it has a low mass instead of high mass
  2. movement of air from land to sea at night, created when cooler, denser air from the land forces up warmer air over the sea
  3. The way Earth's rotation makes winds in the Northern Hemisphere curve to the right and winds in the Southern Hemisphere curve to the left.
  4. the name given to the periodic warming of the ocean that occurs in the central and eastern Pacific
  5. galaxy that looks like a giant pinwheel spinning through space

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  1. stratospherethe layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone layer; temperature increases as you go up


  2. protostarProposed a geocentric model


  3. radiationdamaging wave of light emitted by the sun - eads to cataracts in eyes, interferes with photosynthesis, kills phytoplankton, wakens the immune system


  4. potential energyEarly form of a star; This stage lies between the collapsing of dust and gas and the beginning of nuclear fusion


  5. Big Bang Theorythe theory that proposes that the universe originated as a single mass, which subsequently exploded


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