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  1. eritea
  2. Habitat
  3. Abolition
  4. Lesotho
  5. ghana
  1. a Type of environment where a particular animal species lives.
  2. b An enclave in South Africa.
  3. c the newest country (nation) in africa
  4. d became independent in 1957. first of the west african countries
  5. e The end of slavery.

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  1. afica's largest island country
  2. name of european south africans and their language
  3. Dutch, German, Belgian, and French settlers in South Africa.
  4. the most densely populated country in africa
  5. One of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Located in Ghana.

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  1. congo riverlargest river system in africa south of the sahara


  2. democratic republic of the congozaire


  3. DeforestationThe end of slavery.


  4. lake victoriaafrica's largest lake


  5. zambiathis country is encouraging people to return to farming


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