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  1. what is a sequence of neurons connected by synapses
  2. what is the anatomical term for the opposite side
  3. which cranial nerve controls the pharynx, larynx
  4. what is the central region og the neuron containing the nucleus
  5. which component of the ventral posterior of the ventral tier of the lateral thalamic nuclei receives info from the face
  1. a contralateral
  2. b ventral posteromedial nuclei (vpm)
  3. c cranial nerve 10
  4. d pathway
  5. e soma

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  1. white matter
  2. glossopharyngeal nerve
  3. cerebral aquaduct
  4. week 3-8
  5. levator palpebrae superioris muscle

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  1. when the dentist injects anesthia where does this happen and on which cranial nerveno activity becasue you are close to the equilibrium of 55


  2. what is the occlusion of a vessel by extraneous material such as a clot or tumorcerebral embolism


  3. the lateral edges of the neural plate rise to form whatectoderm


  4. which type of change (passive/active) occurs when any current that comes in membrane simply follows the currentactive change


  5. the glial cell is also known as whatvestibucochlear nerve


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