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  1. emulate
  2. deference
  3. Surmise
  4. truant
  5. ambuscade
  1. a a conclusion drawn on limited evidence N/V
  2. b copy
  3. c to ambush V
  4. d late ADJ
  5. e respectful submission or yielding to the judgment, opinion or will of others N

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  1. a temporary stay N/V
  2. containing or capable of containing a great deal ADJ
  3. to make an objection V, the act of making an objection N
  4. to show hesitation based on conscience. V
  5. having or seeming to have no end, endless, perpetual ADJ

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  1. exigencyan urgency or need, usually plural "the exigencies of war" N


  2. oneiricto assert of affirm, to declare in a positive manner V


  3. extrapolatecause to feel drained of energy or vitality V


  4. laggardattack violently with blows or words VB


  5. amitylay aside, slacken in diligence V


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