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  1. South Korea
  2. Mexican Cession
  3. Stephen A Douglas
  4. Samuel Morse
  5. U.S in 1900
  1. a invented the telegraph and morse code
  2. b a Democrat who sought to pass bill which would allow new U.S. settlers to own slaves
  3. c strip of land that the United States paid 15 million dollars for to Mexico; it consisted of California, Nevada, Utah,and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado
  4. d richest, most productive country in the world, led world in communication - 1MM+ telephones in use
  5. e controlled byt the USA

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  1. The capital of the Confederate States
  2. Cummunist took control of Russia in 1917 just before the end of WWI
  3. controlled by the Soviet Union, invaded S. Korea in 1950-created the Korean War
  4. movement of forty-niners westward in search of gold
  5. aka "Wall of Shame" was divided

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  1. Dwight L. MoodyNational Socialist country that attacked small weak countries in Europe - sent airplanes to drop bombs on England


  2. Republic of China (Taiwan)President Wilson kept USA neutral first 3 yrs of the war


  3. ItalyWorld War II lasted from 1939-1945


  4. Nat'l Socialism 26 million Jews were murdered


  5. "Stonewall" Jacksonthe U.S. is called this because of all the people from all over the world who have made it their home


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