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  1. cathedral
  2. transfiguration
  3. ash arism
  4. israelites
  5. eschatology
  1. a beliefs concerning the endings or "last things" death, heaven, hell judgement, resurrection, end of the known world
  2. b the story in the gospels of jesus at a mountaintop with disciples, taking ona glorioius light filled appearance alongside mosees and elijah
  3. c a large church that is the seat or office of the bishop who leads many churches in a Roman Catholic or Anglican (england)/ episocopal (US) diocese, or region.
  4. d descendants of Jacob. For a time after king david, it meant only the people of the northern kingdom. Later, by roman times, it meant all jews, today is also impleies citizens of the land of Israel
  5. e muslim belief that the wyas of allah exceed human understanding, which requires revelation

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  1. a 4th century CE belief that Christ was a created human, not co eternal with God. Rejected by the church as heresy in the Nicene Creed phrases "begotten not made" and "of one substance with the Father"
  2. belief in the truth of GOd or the past and basic orientation of a person of trust, confidence and loyalty explicit or implicit
  3. born in mecca, arabia, he was an illiterate orphan who had visionary experiences. he married khadijah, who had employed him on her camel caravans, where he met jews and Christians. he retreated frequently to mount hira, where he felt the presence of the divine instructing him to write the qu ran the sacredd
  4. quorum of ten adult jewish males required for communal worship
  5. jewish holy day with a seder meal. celebrating the Exodus of the ancient Hebrews from Egyptian slavery about 1250 BCE, led by moses.

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  1. ayatollahMuslim name for the one and only God


  2. canaanthe ancient region along the seacoast in what is now Isreal. its culture and god Baal were opposed by biblical Hebrew leaders


  3. BaalLord or master - nature deity common in western Semitic cultures, including Canaan; appears in jewish scriptures


  4. disciplesthe group of twelve men who were the inner circle of Jesus's followers sent out with their wives to teach and heal.


  5. calvinism"gods" one of the names for the divine in Hebrew scriptures


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